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Mediation – Peter Kamminga  (Ph.D., LL.M.) has successfully mediated hundreds of complex civil cases in the US and Europe and around the world.

He specializes in cross-border matters and has built up a track record mediating complex financial cases (securities cases, subprime litigation, LIBOR, insurance coverage cases), contract disputes, construction and infrastructure matters, cases involving oil & gas an renewable energy projects, and class actions (regarding financial products, health care and life sciences, and other mass tort claims), each with aggregate values of multi-million dollars. The disputes he has mediated include both US, EU and many cross border cases. Clients are US Fortune 500 companies, European multinationals, as well as mid-size US and European companies, and governmental agencies. For more information on his mediation work, focus areas and representative matters see He also collaborates frequently with one of the US preeminent mediators, Judge Weinstein (Ret.) and is member of the Weinstein Team.

Expert opinions and early neutral evaluation – As a neutral he is regularly approached to provide early neutral evaluations and (non-)binding opinions.

Kamminga assists parties in resolving complicated legal disputes by providing a quick assessment of the merits of their case, identifying and clarifying the central issues, facilitating settlement discussions and enhancing communication about their claims. The past years he has efforts led to the swift resolution of a range of (potential) disputes in construction and in contract matters.

Contracting and negotiation advice – Peter Kamminga consults for the public and private sector on effective procurement, contract negotiation and contract design strategies.

He specializes in negotiation and contracting of complex projects that require a high level of coordination. Drawing from the newest insights on innovative contracting he advises public and private entities on how to optimally contract, organize contract management and apply the most adequate dispute resolution methods. The past decade he has assisted parties in optimizing and evaluating their procurement procedures and drafting contracts tailored to their unique business relationships and projects.

For more information on his mediation and dispute resolution work see or reach out directly at  and for contracting and negotiation advice at

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